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Key 56 Internet Radio is a radio station broadcasting from San Diego Ca. Key56 Internet Radio uses the latest in cutting edge technology to broadcast exclusively on the "Internet". At Key56 the focus is on music for grown ups. You'll hear artist like Jill Scott, John Legend, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Chaka Khan,and more. Key56 Radio also features great personalities who love the music as much as you do. Internet radio is a new and powerful medium. By federal law AM and FM radio stations broadcast to a city or town. Key56 on the other hand is heard all over the WORLD! Key56 Radio, via the Internet, has attracted a world wide listening audience. It is not unusual for us to receive e-mail from as far away as Paris, France or Tokyo, Japan, not to mention each and every state of the United States of America . Thanks for choosing Key56 Radio!