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The radio's 16 years birthday was fejåret in the fixed frames on Roende Library. Anni Felt and René Franz stood for music, Nissan / Roende Star Auto and Roende Auto trade cars on display. Roende White Product service exhibited Hard Hvidevare. Support Association did again a great effort to get prizes for the year's quizzes on Radio Roende. Pop FM changed its name to Radio 2 and here it all went so well but the end of the year, there were problems with KODA payment Music taxes. so it ended up they would send in Rønde municipality anymore. The radio tried so with News radio 24-7, it fell to the listeners taste. But they terminated Unfortunately Agreement within July Since Aarhus stations was now away from Roende, gave the now part of marriage from other radios around the country. But it came no more out.