RSR Radio

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  • Ghoul (MNMN Records)

    Erugo Purakushi

  • Interruption (Artiste RSR)

    ERMC & Hackrow (Ouroboros)

  • Loving You (

    Yvalain feat.Gene O Neill & Staffan Fenander

  • Lifestyle (EnoughRecords)


  • Crazy U (WFMU's Live)

    Teddy Brown

  • When Jah Jah Come (Bass Culture Players)

    Rebel-I Feat. George Palmer

  • Bottle of Buckie (Live At The WFMU) (FMA)

    Ted Leo

  • Devil's Ink (

    St. Äma

  • Stagioni (Strato Dischi)

    I Neurologici

  • Venom (MNMN Records)

    Must Wave