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  • Travellers Tale (Produced and Written by Annaz)

    Annaz (North Yorkshire, UK)

  • I Want A Truck

    Afton Prater (USA)

  • I Sign

    Zara Kershaw (UNITED KINGDOM)

  • Your Universe

    Amycanbe (ITALY)

  • Never Be Forgotten

    Trevor Ohlsen (Minneapolis, USA)

  • Sunsets (Produced and Written by Chris Oneill/Brendan Oneill)

    Chris ONeill (AUSTRALIA)

  • Stay (Produced by Jim Gaven/Lonely Music Group/Rob Freeman and Written by Jim Gaven)

    Jim Gaven (USA)


  • Had It All

    Artist Proof (AUSTRALIA)

  • Swim Around With You (Produced by Godfrey Diamond and Written by Minnie Cho)

    Swoon (USA)