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Exploring music from Celtic roots and branches

  • Shanagolden

    Niamh Dunne

  • Red Haired Boy/Cold, Frosty Morn

    Al Petteway

  • Farewell To Erin

    Bothy Band

  • Reels --- Miss Shepherd, Etc.

    Silly Wizard

  • Broad Reach

    Up In the Air

  • Le vieux pi la vieille


  • Danse Des Deux Pommes Frites

    Steve Baughman

  • Lass from the Low Country

    Archie Fisher

  • Reel de Chicoutimi-St Jean-Eboulement

    Chris Norman

  • Salty River Reel / The Three Forks of Cumberland / Redbird

    Fullsceilidh Spelemannslag