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  • Logo of the podcast The Amsterdam Mamas Podcast

    The Amsterdam Mamas Podcast

    Providing information and support to International families in Amsterdam and across the Netherlands. Even in the city, it takes a village.

  • Logo of the podcast The Birth Hour

    The Birth Hour

    The Birth Hour is a podcast created for mothers to come together to share their childbirth stories. Whether you are pregnant and looking for inspirational birth stories through your pregnancy, trying to conceive, a first time mom or a veteran mother of multiple children, you can learn, laugh and maybe even cry a little at these moving birth stories from women willing to share one of the most intimate moments of their lives.

  • Logo of the podcast The Geek Embassy

    The Geek Embassy

    The Geek Embassy is a dynamic learning community focused on discussions about geek culture. Our ambassadors are individuals with established geeky passions and a willingness to discuss and share their knowledge with aspiring geeks. The Geek Embassy values open dialogue and encourages everyone to embrace their inner geek.

  • Logo of the podcast The Gemma & Emma Podcast

    The Gemma & Emma Podcast

    The Gemma and Emma podcast takes a new direction and a fresh look at all things lifestyle, relevant and innovative to salute women 40 plus. Hosted by Emma Forbes and Gemma Sheppard, it is both inspirational and aspirational with love, laughter and wisdom.

  • Logo of the podcast The Positive Birth Story Podcast

    The Positive Birth Story Podcast

    Empowering & positive stories about birth with Swedish midwife Åsa Holstein sharing her in depth knowledge about birth and brave women sharing their very personal stories. A podcast with women for women about the super power that resides in all of us. Truly amazing stories will unfold!

  • Logo of the podcast Nessuna è perfetta

    Nessuna è perfetta

    Viaggio dentro i luoghi non comuni dell'universo femminile - Vogliamo sempre fare tutto, in ufficio, in famiglia e nei nostri impegni quotidiani, ma aspirare alla perfezione è il nostro peggior difetto. Meglio trovare soddisfazione in ciò che siamo e che facciamo, magari rubando i trucchi per vivere meglio, imparando da altre storie simili alle nostre, trovando le soluzioni possibili grazie al confronto, agli esempi, ai consigli di altre donne e, perché no, di uomini. Come si affronta una mentalità di lavoro che è ancora scandita dallo stile maschile? E' indispensabile spuntare proprio tutti gli impegni che abbiamo messo nell'agenda della giornata o possiamo delegare? Come riuscire a salvare quella mezz'ora dedicata a noi stesse dall'assalto delle richieste in casa e in ufficio? E' davvero scontato per il nostro compagno che sabato deve fare la spesa perché il corso di aggiornamento lo facciamo noi? [...]

  • Logo of the podcast Pea In The Podcast

    Pea In The Podcast

    Pea in the Podcast is a podcast program dedicated to guiding and nurturing you through each stage of your pregnancy. Join other moms-to-be and the experts including doctors, midwives, doulas and authors as we guide you through each week of your pregnancy. In addition, we have gone in-depth on a range of pregnancy topics to bring you the latest news and information to make sure you make the most of this incredible journey to motherhood!

  • Logo of the podcast Senza rossetto nella cabina elettorale

    Senza rossetto nella cabina elettorale

    Un progetto di Giulia Cuter e Giulia Perona In occasione del 70esimo anniversario dal primo voto politico delle donne italiane, il 2 giugno 1946, è nato Senza rossetto, un podcast radiofonico che vuole raccontare la figura femminile ieri e oggi. Ogni puntata affronta un tema legato alle convenzioni che la società attribuisce all’universo femminile, attraverso la penna e la voce di una scrittrice contemporanea.

  • Logo of the podcast Señoras y Podcast

    Señoras y Podcast

    Señoras y Podcast es un podcast de humor llevado por tres estupendas señoras que van a tratar muchos temas desde su punto de vista. Este Podcast nace de la necesidad de contribuir al mundo del podcast con voces femeninas y pensamientos femeninos, en un mundo aparentemente de señores, hacen falta señoras.

  • Logo of the podcast The Soul Mammas Podcast: Real motherhood talk on passionate, mindful living as parents

    The Soul Mammas Podcast: Real motherhood talk on passionate, mindful living as parents

    In a world where so many women have shed past notions of what being a mom looks like, who can listeners turn to for real talk on soulful motherhood? Through this weekly podcast, host, Nicole De Leon, a long-time surfer, teacher, yoga instructor, adventurer and now new mother, seeks to candidly talk about the realities of modern motherhood, especially as it affects the pursuit of one’s own interests while remaining a soulful parent. In this podcast, guest moms will share inspiring stories of how they persisted in living out their truest passions and purpose in spite of – and often as a result of – adversity and struggle. Nicole’s hope is that through this podcast mothers will be encouraged to believe in their dreams and prioritize joyful lives in order to teach their children to do the same.

  • Logo of the podcast Avkom


    Hva skjer når en av Norges mest ekstreme radiopersonligheter og en tidligere stripper skal takle morsrollen? Mina Hadjian og Caroline Omberg har med seg programleder Martine Rand for å diskutere irriterende påstander, og vedtatte sannheter om hvordan foreldre helst skal være. Alt som gjør livet surt for folk som lager avkom. For booking: For annonsering:

  • Logo of the podcast What would a feminist do? - The Guardian

    What would a feminist do? - The Guardian

    The Guardian’s  Jessica Valenti brings you interviews, advice and real life stories from the front lines of feminism. She talks about everything from periods or lack there of, to cyberbullying, objectification, crafting an equal and egalitarian relationship, abortions and sex education. This is the place for women and men to share their questions and thoughts about everyday issues facing women and feminism. Want to ask a question? Leave us a voicemail:  917-900-4577

  • Logo of the podcast Women in Charge

    Women in Charge

    In this new series, Slate editor-in-chief Julia Turner will ask other women in charge about the nitty-gritty details of their work lives—what do they do every day, how do they do it, and how are things changing for women in their fields? How does Aline Brosh McKenna, the showrunner of TV’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, make personnel decisions? How does Toronto restaurateur Jen Agg grow a successful business? How does StubHub president Sukhinder Singh Cassidy make herself available to the company’s employees? Launching Sept. 17, 2018.

  • Logo of the podcast YESSS


    Un podcast de warriors. Chaque jour, les femmes sont confrontées à des barrières qui les empêchent de mener leurs vies comme elles l’entendent. YESSS revient sur les victoires de femmes ordinaires contre les injonctions et violences sexistes. Tous les mois, avec @anais_bourdet (, @ZazeM (, @Margaidq ( Création musicale : Matthieu Pernaud (

  • Logo of the podcast Zeitpunkte | rbbKultur

    Zeitpunkte | rbbKultur

    Die Zeitpunkte - Geschlechter und Gesellschaft. Magazin-Beiträge von Frauenrechten bis Männermythen und Debatten zu aktuellen Themen.

  • Logo of the podcast Ask A Question Change Your Life ~ Susan Shatzer & Dawn Meyer

    Ask A Question Change Your Life ~ Susan Shatzer & Dawn Meyer

    Inspired Choices Network What if asking questions actually changes your life? Have you always known something else was possible? Maybe you wonder why you are here or what you are supposed to do or be in life? Well, what if your points of view continue to keep you stuck in poverty, survival, poor health, bad relationships, pain and so much more? Would you be willing to eliminate these limitations and create the phenomenal life you have always dreamed of having? Together Dawn and Susan share practical tips and tools to take you beyond survival to thriving beyond your greatest imagination JoinSusan Shatzer, International Speaker, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and Dawn Meyer, owner of the Awareness Center (MM28899), Access Consciousness Bars and Body Facilitator every week as they explore greater possibilities.

  • Logo of the podcast Ask Susan Now ~ Susan Lazar Hart

    Ask Susan Now ~ Susan Lazar Hart

    Inspired Choices Network Are you tried of people giving you advice as though repurposing your past or learning from their experience would give you some big aha moment? What if discovering you and your awareness of what you truly know are the real AHA moments you have been asking for? Susan Lazar Hart

  • Logo of the podcast ¡Con amor, carajo!

    ¡Con amor, carajo!

    Educación emocional para mujeres que odian la autoayuda | Descubre | Lore Aguirre

  • Logo of the podcast Confidence'Elles FB Champagne-Ardenne

    Confidence'Elles FB Champagne-Ardenne

    Elles sont chefs d'entreprises, artistes, membres d'associations, aventurières. Elles sont dynamiques et font bouger la Champagne-Ardenne.

  • Logo of the podcast DeLaCremePodcast


    Le podcast dédié à la crème des femmes créatrices de projets, aux femmes entrepreneuses. Animé par Lucy Hardy.