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CBEF is a Canadian radio station, broadcasting at 540 AM in Windsor, Ontario. It airs the programming of Radio-Canada's Première Chaîne network. CBEF was launched in 1970. The station also has a rebroadcast transmitter (CBEF-1-FM) in Leamington, on 103.1 FM. Due to AM reception issues in downtown Windsor, CBEF has also been approved by the CRTC to operate a 620-watt rebroadcaster in Windsor at 105.5 MHz, provided that does not interfere with stations at or near this frequency, such as WWWM-FM in Toledo. The transmitter must also be operational by May 9, 2010, unless otherwise authorised to be extended.[1] The callsign for the new rebroadcaster at 105.5 FM is CBEF-2-FM‏.