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  • Logo of radio station Hard Rock Heaven

    Hard Rock Heaven

    Nothing but 80's Rock and Metal!

  • Logo of radio station SomaFM - Metal Detector

    SomaFM - Metal Detector

    From black to doom, prog to sludge, thrash to post, stoner to crossover, punk to industrial.

  • Logo of radio station TheBoxFM


    TheBoxFM Radio. 100% puro rock.

  • Logo of radio station Free FM Rock Melbourne

    Free FM Rock Melbourne

    tu radio, tu musica

  • Logo of radio station HardDrive XL

    HardDrive XL

    The world famous hardDrive is a nationally-syndicated rock show hosted by radio legend Lou Brutus, which can be enjoyed on hundreds of radio stations around the country and world!

  • Logo of radio station Hard Rock Hell Radio

    Hard Rock Hell Radio

    The Very Best Rock n Metal from the Gates of Hell

  • Logo of radio station Black Diamond Radio

    Black Diamond Radio

    Your Never Ending Stream of Metal Music

  • Logo of radio station 1KKR - Classic Rock

    1KKR - Classic Rock

    The World's Best Music

  • Logo of radio station Bear Metal Radio

    Bear Metal Radio

    Bear Metal Radio is a concept, privately owned and commercial free web radio, dedicated to bring the finest selection of traditional , power, progressive, stoner, doom , melodic death, symphonic metal and more....

  • Logo of radio station ChroniX - METAL

    ChroniX - METAL

    Loud & Clear !!

  • Logo of radio station Open FM - 500 Heavy Hits
  • Logo of radio station Loud! Metal Radio

    Loud! Metal Radio

    Metal, energía y poder... LOUD!

  • Logo of radio station CSNX-9520: Metal Meyhem Radio

    CSNX-9520: Metal Meyhem Radio

    The South Coast's New Rock Alternative

  • Logo of the podcast The Metallica Podcast: Volume 1 — The Black Album

    The Metallica Podcast: Volume 1 — The Black Album

    A living, breathing sonic blender of a podcast. Over eight episodes, we’ll celebrate the re-release of The Black Album (“Enter Sandman,” “Nothing Else Matters”), and the incredible band that made it. This is more than a “Making Of” look at the album. It’s the story of James, Lars, and Kirk — not just how the album got made, but why.

  • Logo of the podcast YCKM


    Armés de leurs jingles bas-de-gamme et de leur playlist d’un goût douteux, l’équipe de YCKM (You Can't Kill the Metal !) vous accueille chaque semaine pour un podcast où s’entremêlent blagues de haute volée (parfois) et discussions enflammées (toujours) sur les musiques extrêmes. Ces joyeux lurons défenseurs de la cause metallique n’hésitent pas à balancer en toute impunité du grind, du hardcore ou encore du doom, le tout dans un bordel organisé (et visiblement accepté par Metalorgie), afin de rappeler que non, tu ne peux pas tuer le Metal.

  • Logo of the podcast Wacken: Ein Dorf sieht Schwarz

    Wacken: Ein Dorf sieht Schwarz

    Die NDR Reporter gehen auch der Frage nach, wie das größte Heavy-Metal-Festival der Welt das kleine Dorf verändert.

  • Logo of radio station RDD Metal Radio

    RDD Metal Radio

    24/7 The Hardest Dutch, Belgian, German & British Metal Radio...

  • Logo of radio station Repubblic Rock Radio

    Repubblic Rock Radio


  • Logo of radio station Todoexitos - Metal

    Todoexitos - Metal

    tu otra radio

  • Logo of radio station Fofinho Rock Bar Web Radio

    Fofinho Rock Bar Web Radio

    Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal from the 1960s onwards until today. Classic bands and rarities