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  • Logo of the podcast hr-iNFO Die Reportage

    hr-iNFO Die Reportage

    Korrespondenten aus aller Welt schildern das Leben vor Ort: lebendig und hautnah.

  • Logo of the podcast Huorapuutarha


    HUORAPUUTARHAN SEURAAVA KAUSI KUUNNELTAVISSA VAIN RADIOPLAYSSA! Jos haluat jatkaa Huorapuutarhan kuuntelua lataa RadioPlayn sovellus tai suuntaa osoitteeseen Huorapuutarha on Justiinan ja Pauliinan murhapodcast jonka jokaisessa jaksossa esitellään kaksi kiehtovaa true crime -tapausta. Podcastissa käydään läpi tunnettuja sarjamurhaajia, mystisiä katoamisia ja muita karmivia tapauksia. Myös teoriat siitä mitä oikeasti tapahtui, kuka oikeasti oli syyllinen ja kuinka meidän pitäisi suhtautua siihen että kaikki tämä kiinnostaa meitä vähän liikaakin ovat tärkeä osa podcastia. Korjaukset, rakkauskirjeet & kehitysideat:

  • Logo of the podcast Ingen Elsker Lone Frank

    Ingen Elsker Lone Frank

    Da Lone Franks kæreste døde for fire år siden, opdagede hun pludselig, at der ikke længere var nogen, som elskede hende. Hun havde hverken kæreste, børn, nær familie eller tætte venner. Men hvorfor er kærlighed så vigtig for mennesket, og kan hun selv leve uden? Lone Frank søger efter den videnskabelige forklaring på kærlighed.

  • Logo of the podcast Tech You Should Know

    Tech You Should Know

    The tech world changes by the minute. Stay up to date with Kim Komando, award-winning radio show host, nationally syndicated columnist and digital lifestyle expert. Kim brings you insider secrets to protect yourself online, make money from home, secure your devices, avoid scams and more.

  • Logo of the podcast Krimpodden - VG

    Krimpodden - VG

    Avsløringer, drama, nyheter og kok. En podcast fra VGs krimgruppe om de store krimsakene. @VGKrim

  • Logo of the podcast La Crónica Negra (La Noche de Adolfo Arjona)

    La Crónica Negra (La Noche de Adolfo Arjona)

    Sección de La Noche de Adolfo Arjona en Cope, con Miguel Ángel Almodovar, y en una segunda etapa, José Manuel Frías

  • Logo of the podcast Le dossier de France Bleu Besançon

    Le dossier de France Bleu Besançon

    Le dossier de France Bleu Besançon.

  • Logo of the podcast Risciò


    Il podcast che ti porta a spasso per la Cina, guidato da Giada Messetti e Simone Pieranni. Prodotto da Piano P. Logo di Andrea Bozzo.

  • Logo of the podcast Les Idées claires

    Les Idées claires

    Chaque semaine, un.e expert.e et Nicolas Martin (producteur de La Méthode scientifique sur France Culture) s'attaquent aux désordres de l'information, des idées reçues aux fake news.

  • Logo of the podcast Mens Rea:  A true crime podcast

    Mens Rea: A true crime podcast

    Mens Rea is the legal principle of intent that must be proved in a number of crimes, such as murder. It means literally, "guilty mind". Mens Rea Podcast explores the most notorious crimes from Ireland and the UK and the court cases that followed. Join your host, Sinead, every fortnight when a new case is discussed.

  • Logo of the podcast Anouk Perry Podcast

    Anouk Perry Podcast

    Une nouvelle aventure auditive toutes les deux semaines dans vos oreilles. Au programme : des podcasts d'enquête, des témoignages et du « jamais entendu », le tout saupoudré d'une belle dose d'humour. Parce que vous connaissez la blague de la chaise ? Elle est pliante.

  • Logo of the podcast Affaire suivante

    Affaire suivante

    Dominique Rizet, en compagnie de Philippe Gaudin, revient sur de grandes affaires policières et judiciaires faisant l'actualité.

  • Logo of the podcast Against the Rules with Michael Lewis

    Against the Rules with Michael Lewis

    Journalist and bestselling author Michael Lewis (Liar's Poker, Moneyball) takes a searing look at what’s happened to fairness—in financial markets, newsrooms, basketball games, courts of law, and much more. And he asks what’s happening to a world where everyone loves to hate the referee.

  • Logo of the podcast MONO - Meine Geschichte

    MONO - Meine Geschichte

    MONO – Meine Geschichte ist der erste journalistische Podcast von Deezer in Kooperation mit stern. In jeder Folge geht es um einen einzigartigen Menschen, der seine Geschichte als first-person narration erzählt: mit seinen Worten und seiner Stimme. Die Autoren wählen die Gäste aus, interviewen sie und produzieren mit Hilfe von Musik und originalen Klangaufnahmen ein 20-minütiges Audiostück. Der Podcast entführt Zuhörer in fremde Lebenswelten: Menschen werden nahbar, ihre Erfahrungen authentisch und ihre Geschichten spannend.

  • Logo of the podcast Monster Presents: Insomniac

    Monster Presents: Insomniac

    What happens when you immerse yourself in true crime, night after night, digging deeper into the lives of serial killers? What are the consequences to a person's psyche? From iHeartRadio and TenderfootTV comes a new podcast about twisted serial killers and one man's journey through their stories.

  • Logo of the podcast The Devil Beside Me: The Chris Watts Story - Husband, Father, Killer

    The Devil Beside Me: The Chris Watts Story - Husband, Father, Killer

    Dr. Phil McGraw takes an in-depth look at crime cases and investigations with bizarre circumstances. As someone who has trained as a forensic psychologist and has worked over 40 years to help profile criminals in numerous cases , Dr Phil will provide new insights into the most intriguing cases as you’ve never heard before. The series has all the twists and turns of a mystery but with expert psychoanalysis as only Dr. Phil can deliver. More info:

  • Logo of the podcast Bag Man

    Bag Man

    Is it possible for an American Vice President to carry out a criminal enterprise inside the White House and have nobody remember? To have one of the most brazen political bribery scandals in American history play out before the country while nobody’s paying attention? In her first original podcast, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow goes back 45 years to dig into a story that got overshadowed in its day. There’s intrigue. Corruption. Envelopes of cash delivered to the White House. It’s a story that’s not well known, but it probably should be. Especially today. Bag Man. A Rachel Maddow podcast from MSNBC. Listen to the Peabody Award-nominated series now.

  • Logo of the podcast Nómadas


    El periodista Martin Caparrós vivió en los campamentos de pastores nómadas en el Sahel. Después narró esta crónica sonora.

  • Logo of the podcast Not Overthinking

    Not Overthinking

    The weekly podcast about happiness, creativity, and the human condition. It's us, Ali and Taimur Abdaal, occasionally joined by guests, talking about things to help us think, do, and be better. Things like social interaction, lifestyle design, mental models... Things that are hard to examine, but important to explore. And hopefully, things that make for a fun and interesting chat every week. We'd love for you to join us.

  • Logo of the podcast Nova Stories

    Nova Stories

    Des récits avec, pour, par, autour de la musique. Une histoire des chansons de luttes francophones, les musiques de 1968, la Censure et la musique, Musique et Jeux Vidéos ou encore entre autres une histoire des drogues en musique…