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    The Dungeoncast

    A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition podcast where co-hosts, Will and Brian, explore all things D including lore, game mechanics, character creation, and lots of other creative concepts. Join in on conversation about the world's most popular tabletop role playing game in a casual, educational, and humorous conversation in an inclusive setting. Together we'll delve into the endless possibilities and unforeseen challenges of role playing, creating characters, and dungeon mastering. New episodes of The Dungeoncast will air every Monday on YouTube, iTunes or anywhere else podcasts can be found!

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    Vis Ludica Podcast

    Podcast sobre los nuevos juegos de mesa, eurogames, temáticos y wargames.

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    64: A Chess Podcast

    64: A Chess Podcast, sponsored by Chessable, features interviews with people from across the chess world, from up-and-coming streamers to top grandmasters. Join me as I learn more about chess culture and share stories about the royal game. Follow me on Twitter: @64Podcast and check me out on Patreon if you like what you hear: