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  • Logo of the podcast Iraqi Jewish Liturgy- Rabbi Haim Ovadia

    Iraqi Jewish Liturgy- Rabbi Haim Ovadia

    ** Interested in subscribing to Rabbi Haim Ovadia's weekday emails on Jewish Law? Please send an em…

  • Logo of the podcast Semikha Program - Torah Ve-Ahava

    Semikha Program - Torah Ve-Ahava

    The Semikha Program is free and open to all. You can listen to and read select lessons and texts at…

  • Logo of the podcast KMS Daily Divrei Halacha

    KMS Daily Divrei Halacha

    Daily Divrei Halacha from Kemp Mill Synagogue's Rabbi Brahm Weinberg. These podcasts are generousl…

  • Logo of radio station Radio RCJ

    Radio RCJ

    La radio de la communauté juive

  • Logo of radio station Judaiques 94.8 FM

    Judaiques 94.8 FM

    La radio du judaïsme français

  • Logo of radio station RJL - Radio Judaica Lyon

    RJL - Radio Judaica Lyon

    Un autre regard sur l'actualité...

  • Logo of radio station Radio Judaica Bruxelles

    Radio Judaica Bruxelles

    La radio de la communauté Juive de Belgique.

  • Logo of radio station Radio Kol Hachalom

    Radio Kol Hachalom

    La Voix de la Paix, en hébreu est la radio juive émettant depuis 1983, 24 heures sur 24, sur la région de Grenoble, 100 Mhz sur la bande fm et sur internet en webradio.

  • Logo of radio station Radio JM

    Radio JM

    Le Coeur Méditerranéen

  • Logo of radio station Shalom Bourgogne

    Shalom Bourgogne

    Jazz et musiques du monde

  • Logo of radio station RCN Radio Chalom Nice

    RCN Radio Chalom Nice

    Ecouter RCN radio, la radio de la communauté juive de Nice : actualités, information, journalisme, culture, loisirs, musique, religion.

  • Logo of the podcast Messianic Jewish Teachings: David Levine

    Messianic Jewish Teachings: David Levine

    Teachings from Rabbi David Levine and the weekly services at Beth Israel Messianic Synagogue in Jacksonville, Florida.

  • Logo of the podcast Shtetl Montreal » Shtetl

    Shtetl Montreal » Shtetl

    Shtetl on the Shortwave is Jewish radio out of Montreal. Usually quirky, sometimes irreverent, never nasty in tone. Tune in for great music and interviews with rock stars, rabbis, circus performers, politicians, filmmakers, cantors, and just your average Jo with an intriguing story to tell. There are few places on the airwaves where you can hang out with a drag king named Shabbosdic’ and moments later hear a live rendition of the Kol Nidre prayer. Jewish or not, Shtetl is your home for yiddishkeit with an edge.

  • Logo of radio station Radio Judaïca Strasbourg

    Radio Judaïca Strasbourg

    Située à Strasbourg, Radio Judaïca est une radio locale et associative. Infos, culture, politique, divertissement, musiques, retrouvez-nous sur le 102.9FM ou directement sur notre site internet et applications smartphone.

  • Logo of the podcast Schalom


    Was bewegt die jüdische Gemeinschaft in Bayern, Deutschland, Israel und dem Rest der Welt? Worüber spricht man in den bayerischen Kehilóth (Gemeinden)? "Schalom" heißt die wöchentliche Sendung des Landesverbandes der Israelitischen Kultusgemeinden. "Schalom" will ein Forum jüdischen Lebens und jüdischer Religion sein und auf den Schabáth einstimmen. "Mir sejnen do!" – "Wir sind da!"

  • Logo of the podcast Talmudiques


    Une exploration des multiples facettes de la pensée juive, de leurs résonances dans la culture occidentale, et de leur mise en perspective avec les autres cultures.

  • Logo of the podcast jewish, judaism, spirituality, torah,

    jewish, judaism, spirituality, torah,

    Brief lessons in Jewish spirituality based on Torah by Rabbi David Bassous: Love and Marriage; The Power of the Mind; Success; The Way of God etc.

  • Logo of radio station Radio Shalom

    Radio Shalom

    Radio Shalom, la radio juive de référence

  • Logo of the podcast On the Other Hand: Ten Minutes of Torah

    On the Other Hand: Ten Minutes of Torah

    On the Other Hand: Ten Minutes of Torah, a podcast presented by Each week, Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the Union For Reform Judaism, will offer divrei Torah (insights into the weekly Torah portion) to help open up Jewish thought and its contemporary influence on your life. He condenses 2,000 years of Jewish wisdom into just 10 minutes of modern-day commentary. There are plenty of ways to interpret Torah and we want to hear what you think. You can weigh in on this week’s Torah portion by talking to us on Twitter @URJ or at

  • Logo of the podcast Rav Touitou

    Rav Touitou

    Podcast by Rav David Touitou