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  • Logo of the podcast Old Time Dragnet: Hosted by Adam Graham

    Old Time Dragnet: Hosted by Adam Graham

    The Old Time Dragnet Show With Adam Graham » Podcast

  • Logo of the podcast Passion And The Plague

    Passion And The Plague

    Tales from a lockdown long ago. In 1348 a group of ten friends leave plague-struck Florence for the countryside and, to keep their spirits up, they tell each other stories. The idea for the Decameron, one of Europe's great literary works, is born. We've put together 10 of our favourite stories from Giovanni Boccaccio's epic to share with you in lockdown, nearly 700 years later.

  • Logo of the podcast PRI's Studio 360

    PRI's Studio 360

    Kurt Andersen is a novelist. His latest book, Heyday, has been called "delightful, intelligent," and "a true novel of ideas" by Publishers Weekly, and "a terrific," "utterly engaging novel" by Library Journal.

  • Logo of the podcast Reasonable Doubts Podcast

    Reasonable Doubts Podcast

    Reasonable Doubts takes an informative and humorous look at religion from a freethinking perspective; offering news and commentary of interest to skeptics, atheists, agnostics, humanists, courageous religious believers looking for a challenge and freethinkers of all persuasions. In addition to interviewing the top minds in skepticism (former guests include Christopher Hitchens, Susan Jacoby, Paul Kurtz, Edward Tabash, DJ Grothe) RD offers regular segments on counter-apologetics, biblical criticism, creationism intelligent design and church state issues. RD also examines the psychology of religion, reviewing recent and exciting research you won't hear about anywhere else. Tune in for a hard-hitting critique of religion balanced by plenty of humor, a fair-minded attitude and a commitment to critical thinking. Check out our website at for information, episode links or to email questions, comments and challenges. Reasonable Doubts...for those who won't just take things on fai

  • Logo of the podcast Peter and Wendy by J. M. Barrie

    Peter and Wendy by J. M. Barrie

    Peter and Wendy tells the classic story of Peter Pan, a mischievous little boy who can fly, and his adventures on the island of Neverland with Wendy and her brothers, the fairy Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, the Indian princess Tiger Lily, and the pirate Captain Hook. (Introduction modified from Wikipedia)

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  • Logo of the podcast Podcastein: Laboratorio Sonoro de Arte Literario.

    Podcastein: Laboratorio Sonoro de Arte Literario.

    Podcastein: Laboratorio Sonoro de Arte Literario.

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  • Logo of the podcast Radio 32 Buchtipp

    Radio 32 Buchtipp

    Ob Sachbuch, Krimi oder Roman - jede Woche stellen wir ein spannendes Buch vor. Ausstrahlung wöchentlich, Dienstags um 16:15 Uhr und Samstags 11.15 Uhr.

  • Logo of the podcast Radio Feltrinelli

    Radio Feltrinelli

    Dal libro al computer, dalla pagina al tuo i-pod. Scritture in volo. Idee in volo... i reading, i commenti sull'attualità e le interviste degli autori della casa editrice Feltrinelli. Appuntamenti settimanali e commenti sull'attualità più scottante... per tenere sempre la mente accesa.

  • Logo of the podcast Radio LevelUp

    Radio LevelUp

    Radio es el blog del podcast del mismo nombre.

  • Logo of the podcast کتاب‌ها و اندیشه‌ها

    کتاب‌ها و اندیشه‌ها

    کتاب‌ها و اندیشه‌ها از دیر باز با هم پیوندی ناگسستنی دارند. اندیشه‌ها بیشتر بر برگهای کتاب‌ها می نشینند و کتاب‌ها معمولا بستر سنتی اندیشه‌ها می‌ شوند. از همین روست که در این مجلۀ رادیوئی هر هفته بسراغ کتابی می رویم تا اندیشه‌های به امانت گذاشته شده در آنرا بازیابیم و یا در جستجوی اندیشه‌ای به کنکاش در کتابهایی که نگاهبانان آنند می پردازیم. نویسندگان، منتقدان و دست‌اندر‌کاران کتاب و اندیشه، بازیگران این مجلۀ رادیوئی‌اند.

  • Logo of the podcast 明镜书刊
  • Logo of the podcast Рим. Литературный сериал «Этногенез»

    Рим. Литературный сериал «Этногенез»

    9 год н.э. Иисус Христос уже родился, но о нем еще мало кто слышал... Римская империя раскинулась от Британии до Черного моря. Германия, свежеиспеченная провинция, служит ареной столкновения цивилизации и варварства. Германские племена, погрязшие во взаимной вражде, вынуждены выяснять свои отношения не силой оружия, а в римских судах. От рук неизвестных убийц погибает легат Семнадцатого легиона Луций Деметрий Целест, старший брат молодого римского патриция Гая. Теперь Гаю предстоит отправиться в опасное путешествие, чтобы найти и покарать убийц Луция, а заодно узнать, почему в пальцах брата в момент смерти оказалась зажата фигурка маленькой птички из серебристого металла... Берегитесь, варвары! В Семнадцатом легионе появился новый легат.

  • Logo of the podcast RMF - Kultura - Podcast

    RMF - Kultura - Podcast

    Radio numer 1 w Polsce! Największa i najpopularniejsza stacja muzyczno-informacyjna. Zawsze najlepsza muzyka i najświeższe fakty. Posłuchaj nas online.

  • Logo of the podcast Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

    Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare’s most well-known play is more than most people realize. While it is the story of star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, it is also the story of two families in the middle of a bitter feud. Many people avoid the story because they believe it will be too difficult to read, but this is not true at all. Within a few paragraphs, the play captures your imagination and attention. Juliet is 13 years old and is love with the son of her father’s enemy. Her father has promised that she will marry another boy when it is time, but she refuses to accept the suit. One night, Romeo sneaks into a ball in Juliet’s home (in hopes of seeing a girl he is in love with) when he overhears Juliet speaking of her love for him. He steps out of the shadows and they decide to marry. They are married the next day in secret. It is discovered that Romeo snuck into the ball and Juliet’s cousin is angry and challenges him to a duel. When Romeo refuses to fight, a man is killed and Romeo …

  • Logo of the podcast skrivarpodden - för dig med författardrömmar

    skrivarpodden - för dig med författardrömmar

    För dig med författardrömmar. En intervjubaserad podcast om att skriva och förverkliga en bok. Av: Kerstin Önnebo Musik: Maria Eggeling Klippning: Kerstin Önnebo / Frida Liljeros

  • Logo of the podcast Slice of SciFi

    Slice of SciFi

    News and interviews from the worlds of science fiction TV, movies and more, presented by Michael, Brian, Samantha and the news team. If it's got spaceships, swords, lasers, vampires, robots or zombies, we're probably talking about it!

  • Logo of the podcast Morgengeschichte


    Eine kurze literarische Geschichte, die uns für einen Moment aus der Alltagshektik herausholt und in unserer Phantasie nachwirkt. Unter diesem Motto haben zwischen 2006 und 2021 zahlreiche Autorinnen und Autoren über 4400 Geschichten verfasst – und selber erzählt.

  • Logo of the podcast BuchZeichen


    «BuchZeichen» macht Lust aufs Lesen, ist Rettungsring im Büchermeer und bietet gute und intelligente Unterhaltung. «Buchzeichen» stellt Autoren und Büchermenschen vor, erzählt Geschichten aus und über Bücher oder gräbt Perlen aus: Vom Bestseller über die Sportlerbiographie, vom Reisebericht bis zum Klassiker hat alles Platz.