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    Bad Bad Thing

    When Jennair Gerardot suspects her husband, Mark, is having an affair with his dynamic and beautiful boss, Jennair begins secretly recording the new lovers. When Mark’s lies and deceit become too much to bear, Jennair begins recording herself as well, and then… she writes a suicide letter outlining a monstrous plan for vengeance. This cautionary tale is told through Jennair’s actual recordings, and with insight from esteemed clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula, who helps unravel this true story of what can happen when powerful emotions like desire, betrayal and revenge take root in someone’s soul. Hosted and reported by Barbara Schroeder, writer/director of Netflix’s “Evil Genius.”

  • Logo of the podcast Father Wants Us Dead

    Father Wants Us Dead

    In 1971, a mild-mannered accountant and Sunday school teacher from New Jersey named John List murders his wife, mother and three children — only to disappear and begin a new life entirely on the other side of the country. Now, two veteran journalists go inside the mind of the killer, learn about the doomed family, and revisit the 18-year-quest to bring List to justice — a saga even more bizarre and twisted than ever previously reported. New episodes will be released each Tuesday through June 21.

  • Logo of the podcast Mørkeland


    Mørkeland er en dansk true crime-podcast, som dykker ned i to mord hver uge. Vi er ikke detektiver - blot ualmindeligt betagede af, hvad der får mennesker til at dræbe. Lyt med, når vi går på opdagelse i de mørkeste afkroge af det menneskelige sind.

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    Cornucopia Radio

    The Home Of Imagination

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    Peta and Chris are in paradise - they sail into hell. Why does it take 38 years to arrest the only suspect: Silas Duane Boston? A BBC 5 Live podcast investigating their murders.

  • Logo of the podcast Real Crime Profile

    Real Crime Profile

    Join Jim Clemente (former FBI profiler), Laura Richards (criminal behavioral analyst, former New Scotland Yard) and Lisa Zambetti (Casting director for CBS' Criminal Minds) as they profile behavior from real criminal cases.

  • Logo of the podcast Real Outlaws

    Real Outlaws

    For ad-free listening, exclusive content and early access to new episodes, join Noiser+, now available on Apple Podcasts. All shows are also available for free. If you're listening on Apple Podcasts, press the '+' icon to follow the show for free. From Billy the Kid to the Kray twins. The Peaky Blinders to Anne Bonny. Real Outlaws is the show that follows in the footsteps of history’s most notorious criminals. Be they charismatic antiheroes or bloodthirsty villains, their names and exploits live on in the popular imagination. But what are the true stories behind the myths? We'll talk to leading experts and travel back in time, to when rogues and bandits followed a code all of their own. This is Real Outlaws.

  • Logo of the podcast Parmi nous le diable

    Parmi nous le diable

    C'est difficile à envisager pour la plupart d'entre nous, tant leur fonctionnement et leur mode de pensée nous semblent lointains, pourtant, le diable est parmi nous. Dans "PARMI NOUS LE DIABLE" nous vous parlons d'affaires qui nous ont interpellées, en essayant de comprendre les racines de ce mal qui ronge les auteurs des crimes terribles dont nous discuterons. Chaque épisode est suivi de la présentation d'une œuvre, cinématographique ou autre, qui présente une thématique rejoignant celle de l'affaire étudiée, puis d'une discussion. Bonne écoute ! Adélie, Capucine Eugénie

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    A podcast feed with exclusive investigations by journalists from The Times and The Sunday Times. The latest series is a two-part special by The Times's Berlin Correspondent Oliver Moody. The Spider in the Web: The Hans Globke Story, follows the story of a bureaucrat in the Nazi Regime who helped to lay the legal basis for the Holocaust and then came back to build the foundations of modern Germany. Twitter: @reporter_pod

  • Logo of the podcast Rotten Mango

    Rotten Mango

    The mangos are back and this time they are a little rotten

  • Logo of the podcast The Criminal Makeup

    The Criminal Makeup

    Danielle Kirsty, a True Crime content creator on YouTube, is now bringing her unbelievable stories to podcast format! With her huge passion for True Crime and expertise from her Law & Criminology degree, Danielle likes to dive deep into the minds of the worst criminals in history - so that we can all try and figure out why they do what they do. Join Danielle as she falls down the rabbit hole, delivering cases from around the world with curiosity, empathy and a much needed dash of sass!

  • Logo of the podcast The Devil Within

    The Devil Within

    A true crime podcast that recalls the brutal slaying of BETTY ANN SULLIVAN on a snowy night in January of 1988, a night that, more than 30 years later, the small town of Jefferson Township, New Jersey has yet to fully recover from. The violence of that evening shocked the nation for the perpetrator... was her own son, a boy of fourteen who would take his own life only hours later. What the investigation revealed left a community in tatters, unwilling to believe the evil that had befallen them. Episodes 1 2 premiere on June 8th!

  • Logo of the podcast The Next Call with David Ridgen

    The Next Call with David Ridgen

    From David Ridgen, the creator of Someone Knows Something, comes the new investigative podcast The Next Call. Tackling unsolved cases through strategic phone calls, the curtain is peeled back. From the victim's family members to potential suspects, the investigation unfolds with The Next Call.

  • Logo of the podcast The Wonderland Murders by Hollywood & Crime

    The Wonderland Murders by Hollywood & Crime

    Journey back to 1981, when four people were brutally murdered in their home in the Hollywood Hills. The Wonderland Murders is the tale of a violent home invasion robbery and the revenge rampage that followed. It involves a drug-fueled gang of criminals, a crazed crime kingpin -- and the world’s most famous porn star on a downward and deadly spiral. Join Young Charlie host Tracy Pattin and writer/director Larry Brand and they take you back to Wonderland Ave.

  • Logo of the podcast Billionaire Boys Club

    Billionaire Boys Club

    In 1980s Los Angeles, a group of prep school boys got together to make investments together, get rich quick, and live large. But headed by a handsome and charismatic leader named Joe Hunt, the members of the self-proclaimed “Billionaire Boys Club” get sucked deeper into twisted schemes of kidnapping, torture, and revenge. The boys must stick together, or risk prison - or worse. From the makers of The Wonderland Murders, Young Charlie, and The Dating Game Killer, this six-part series is co-hosted by Tracy Pattin and Emmy-nominated actor Timothy Olyphant.

  • Logo of the podcast Witnessed: Friendly Fire

    Witnessed: Friendly Fire

    When a K-9 officer in the Scott County, Tennessee, Sheriff’s Department winds up shot at the hands of his partner, a grieving widow takes it upon herself to untangle the truth from the lies. Was it just a catastrophic accident? Or an intentional killing? National Magazine Award-winning reporter Sean Flynn returns to Scott County two decades after the shooting to tell the story of one woman’s pursuit of justice—and one community’s enduring reckoning with the fallout. Witnessed: Friendly Fire is part of The Binge - a new channel on Apple Podcasts. Subscribe to The Binge to unlock all episodes of this show, ad-free, right now. Your subscription also unlocks the entire network of podcasts on The Binge with a brand new story dropping every month - that’s all episodes, all at once, all ad-free. Click ‘try free’ at the top of the Witnessed show page on Apple Podcasts to start your free trial or visit to get access wherever you get your podcasts.

  • Logo of the podcast Die Zeichen des Todes. Der einzig wahre True-Crime-Podcast

    Die Zeichen des Todes. Der einzig wahre True-Crime-Podcast

    Der Podcast mit Professor Michael Tsokos, Deutschlands bekanntestem Rechtsmediziner. Tsokos findet heraus, was die Toten nicht mehr erzählen können: War es Mord? War es Suizid? Oder war es ein Unfall? Er wird immer dann von den Ermittlungsbehörden hinzugezogen, wenn sie mit ihrer Aufklärungsarbeit nicht weiterkommen. Realistisch und hautnah schildert Tsokos die Hintergründe rätselhafter Fälle, an deren Lösung er selbst maßgeblich beteiligt war. Im Sektionssaal und im Labor fügt er die Indizien wie Puzzleteile zu einem Gesamtbild zusammen, das zur Rekonstruktion des Falles führt. Ein True-Crime-Podcast, der beweist, dass nichts spannender ist, als die Wirklichkeit. Herausgeber: Verlagsgruppe Droemer Knaur Moderation, Skript und Produktion: Philipp Eins Redaktion: Bettina Halstrick

  • Logo of the podcast Camp Hell: Anneewakee

    Camp Hell: Anneewakee

    The Anneewakee Treatment Center for Emotionally Disturbed Youth operated in Douglasville, Georgia for over 25 years. Purportedly, it was a place that parents could send their troubled kids for help. But in reality, it was a breeding ground for abuse. This is the story of Anneewakee, as never told before.

  • Logo of the podcast CERNO L'anti-enquête

    CERNO L'anti-enquête

    Le reporter Julien Cernobori a découvert qu'un serial killer vivait autrefois dans son immeuble. Dans ce podcast, il part sur les traces du tueur et de ses victimes dans une anti-enquête effrénée, sensible et passionnante. Julien revient sur chacun des vingt lieux de crimes répertoriés dans cette affaire pour retrouver des traces des crimes et des victimes, essayer de comprendre ce qu'il s'est passé. Qui étaient les victimes ? Ont-elles été oubliées ? Pourquoi ont-elles été tuées ? Un épisode chaque dimanche ! Si vous souhaitez soutenir ce podcast, rendez-vous sur Un immense merci à Dragos Ciocan, Magali Badolo, "Von", Elsa Nourry, Nicole Ramon, Ryan Ostot, Laurence Collot, Vincent Kherchaoui, Sylvain Charroy, Nathalie Berdoulet Godard, Gabriel Cante, Fanny Cohen moreau, Pauline Boedels, Marie Naudascher, Chrisophe Wellens, Sylvia A. Kranz, Mathieu Carpentier, Eléonore Perrin et Romain pour leur soutien.

  • Logo of the podcast Unfinished


    Witness Docs presents Unfinished, an investigative anthology series digging into America's unfinished business. Season one of Unfinished, Deep South, produced in collaboration with Market Road Films, brought us on a journey into the Arkansas Delta to investigate the lynching of Isadore Banks. Season two takes us to Short Creek, a community on the Utah/Arizona border divided by much more than a state line. On one side are fundamentalist, polygamous Mormons who believe the town should be run by God—and his prophet. On the other are ex-believers who want democracy—and the right to believe (or not believe) as they want. When the prophet, Warren Jeffs, goes to prison for sex crimes, the community has to face its painful past...and struggle to define its future. From Witness Docs and Critical Frequency, hosts Ash Sanders and Sarah Ventre move beyond the headlines and embed in the community to bring you Unfinished: Short Creek [...]