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  • Logo of radio station Lite FM - Sri Lanka

    Lite FM - Sri Lanka

    Today's Best Variety

  • Logo of radio station LiveFM


    100% live Sri Lankan Music

  • Logo of radio station MarkFM


    Mark FM is broadcasting from Sri Lanka and has their own dedicated fans across the country. In a very short time of broadcasting they have achieved a huge success as an online radio broadcaster. Mark FM has got various kinds of programs and mostly musical ones gets their listeners attention.

  • Logo of radio station Pulikalin Kural

    Pulikalin Kural

    Voice Of Tigers

  • Logo of radio station Radio Plus  Hits

    Radio Plus Hits

    Online sinhala radio in sri lanka.

  • Logo of radio station Ran FM

    Ran FM

    Me Obe Hadawathai

  • Logo of radio station SUN FM

    SUN FM

    SUN FM Sri Lanka’s sunniest radio station, a proud brand of the Asia Broadcasting Corporation Private Limited, a member of Rayynor Silva Holdings which started on the 1st of July 1998, has ruled The Sri Lankan airwaves with a roster of witty presenters and a well balanced programming of music. SUN FM has captivated the hearts of the youth of Sri Lanka with the right catchy tunes that have blazed Sri Lankan stereos all day long, coming up with innovative promotions that are fun & exciting to participate in…

  • Logo of radio station Shakthi FM 105.1

    Shakthi FM 105.1

    No.1 Tamil Music Station

  • Logo of radio station Shree FM

    Shree FM

    Shree FM is Sri Lanka's #1 radio channel which commenced broadcasting in 2000. Shree FM is recognized as the most listened to radio channel in the country broadcast island-wide on 100 FM and 100.2 FM.

  • Logo of radio station Sirasa FM

    Sirasa FM

    We are –SIRASA FM – the number one in Sri Lankan radio arena. The trend setters of the modern day broadcasting!

  • Logo of radio station Siyane Radio

    Siyane Radio

    Siyane Media Network

  • Logo of radio station Siyatha FM

    Siyatha FM

    Siyatha FM operates Island wide in Sri Lanka on 98.2MHz and 98.4MHz FM. It is owned by Voice of Asia Network (Pvt) Ltd., which also runs its sister television channel Siyatha TV. - Programs - 7AM - 10AM Siyatha FM Morning Show - Good Morning අරා with අශ්වර්යා ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ ජනප්‍රියම ගුවන් විදුලි නිවේදකයා වන අරා (අරවින්ද ලොකුගේ ) දැන් ඔබ හමුවන්නේ සියත FM ඔස්සේයි. ඔබටත් සතියේ දිනවල උදෑසන 7 සිට 98.2 / 98.4 FM ඔස්සේ අරා සහ පැසී අයිශ්වර්යා මුණසිංහ ගෙන එන ලංකාවේ ජනප්‍රියම රේඩියෝ වැඩසටහනට සවන්දෙන්න පුළුවන්.

  • Logo of radio station Sooriyan FM

    Sooriyan FM

    இலங்கையின் முன்னணி தமிழ் வானொலி... ​தரப்படுத்தலில் ​​முதலிடம். Number 1 Tamil Radio in #SriLanka Sooriyan FM is the number 1 Tamil radio station in Sri Lanka. Our reach is not only limited to the four corners of the island,but we are also heard in southern India.

  • Logo of radio station St. Anthony's church Media Pubudugama

    St. Anthony's church Media Pubudugama

    Listen. Listen to God for a moment and He will speak to you. Listen to His voice.

  • Logo of radio station TNL Radio

    TNL Radio

    Sri Lanka's loudest radio station is still young, wild and free! We're On Air on 99.2 FM and Online on .

  • Logo of radio station Tamil FM
  • Logo of radio station Tea Radio

    Tea Radio

    Music Inspired by Tea

  • Logo of radio station Tharu Sinhala Radio

    Tharu Sinhala Radio

    Sinhala Hindi Music Live Sri Lanka

  • Logo of radio station Vfm Radio Fm 107

    Vfm Radio Fm 107

    හරවත් හා රසවත් සංගීතය, වැඩසටහන්, හා තොරතුරු සමගින්, වී FM 107 ඔස්සේ ඔබ ළඟමයි. Lanka Television Network (Pvt) Ltd was established in 2007 as a radio broadcasting station. It had a program format catering to all segments of our society as It was felt that Radio was not always accessible to different views and LTN positioned itself to be the voice of the people at that time.

  • Logo of radio station Y FM 92.7

    Y FM 92.7

    The Youth Channel