CJNU-FM is a Canadian radio station in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Owned by the Nostalgia Broadcasting Cooperative, the station plays a pop standards format on 107.9 FM. The station was launched in 2006 and holds a special events license issued by the CRTC and Industry Canada. The station has applied for a regular broadcasting license, which would enable them to remain on-air continuously. CJNU operates as a means of spreading awareness for various non-profit organizations and charities in the Winnipeg area. Each month, the station broadcasts in support of a different organization and may remain on the air for up to 28 days. Businesses or companies may also sponsor portions of the broadcast day to assist the station in its mission to keep nostalgia music on the air. Members of the public may do the same by purchasing a membership, entitling them to a vote at member meetings. The broadcast schedule includes a number of veteran Winnipeg personalities, broadcasting students, and other volunteer
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